Get your garden Autumn ready

After a hot start to the season, our typical Autumn weather is finally here!! With Autumn being an ideal time to get out in the garden before the cooler months slow everything down, we thought we would share some simple tips to care for your garden throughout the season or between maintenance visits from our team.

Relocate your plants – If your plants have become congested over the hot summer months, now is a great time to relocate them. If you decide to try this you will need to dig the whole plant out of the ground, including the root ball. You can use the fork method which is putting two forks back to back to gently pull the roots apart into numerous smaller plants.

Luscious Lawns – If your lawn has seen better days and is looking quite dry, you can give it a rake with a metal rake followed by a plastic grass rake to remove any brown dead material clogging up the lawn. Add some fertiliser and water away and before you know it, it will be lush lush lush!

Over the Hedge – Although it can be hard work, if you have a lot of hedges now is a good time to cut them back. Most likely they will have a growth spurt before winter comes so if they are cut back a little more than usual, don’t worry. It’s a great idea to add some mulch under your hedges to stop any weeds coming through too!

Get a head start – Now is a great time to start planting new shrubs and trees. With the soil still warm from summer, this is the perfect head start to promote new root growth. For leaves, the air is now a lot cooler which means less stress on the leaves so plant away!

Of course, we at Simon McCurdy Landscapes understand that we all live busy lifestyles and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to maintain your garden. That’s why we offer our experienced garden maintenance service to maintain your garden year round. If you would like to know more, get in touch with our office here (9)UAF712_85HighettRd_142Camberwell garden 35

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