Pruning, Planting & Mulching in Winter

With Winter well and truly upon us, it’s time to start preparing your garden for the wet season ahead. The better prepared you are now, the easier it will be come Spring time.

Pruning – Winter is pruning time for most trees and shrubs, apart from those producing spring blossoms. You will need to cut them back after they’ve flowered. If pruned to soon (in Winter), most of their early Spring flowers will be removed.

  • Cut back herbaceous perennials like wind flowers, penstemon, catmint, bergamot, canna
  • Prune deciduous ornamental trees and shrubs if required such as maple, ash, elm, etc
  • Don’t prune Spring-flowering shrubs and trees now. Wait until after flowering
  • Prune deciduous fruit trees including apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum, cherry, almond and nectarine
  • Prune roses in mid-to-late July and make sure pruning is complete by early August at the latest


Planting – Even though the soil is cold, Winter is the season to plant bare-rooted trees and shrubs, including fruit trees, while they are dormant. It’s also a good time for some flower and vegetable seedlings to go in.


Mulching – Once all of the leaves have dropped on deciduous trees and plants, it’s a good time to perform an annual mulch in preparation for Spring.

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