Caulfield North Update

Our Caulfield North project is well and truly underway with the finishing touches nearing completion. The Sir Walter buffalo turf was installed after the sawn bluestone 30mm thick pavers had been completed around the pool area. The team planted Laurus ‘miles choice’ Bay trees around the boundary fence which will create a sense of privacy as they mature.

In the front yard we installed sawn bluestone paving ramped all the way up to the front door to allow for a level lawn area next to the paving. A feature tree (Lagerstroemia ‘Sioux’ Crepe Myrtle) stands tall in the middle of the lawn with a mild steel edging separating the garden beds and lawn areas. Along the front is a featured rendered block wall fence with 50mm x 10mm vertical blade fencing to complete the look. The low wall running along the front entry path features low volt lighting to create an ambience as you walk into the property. The team also installed Prunus lusitanica behind the rendered block front fence with Raphiolepsis ‘Snow maiden’ greeting you either side of the front path way.

And to top it all off at the side of the property we installed an Acer Palmatum ‘Elegans’ tree underplanted with Ophiopogan japonics mondo grasses and dwarf mondo surrounding it.  Just beautiful!

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