Beaumaris Completed

In our last newsletter we featured our Beaumaris project which at the time was under construction. With construction well and truly completed, we thought we would share some of the final images with you and we must say, this one has come up a beauty.

The beautiful curved brick fence in the front yard has been complimented by irregular stepping stones leading towards the front door.

The Pinus thunbergia cloud pruned tree and Pinus Silvestris ‘Argentea’ cloud pruned tree out the front of the property are already beginning to grow strongly and the Weeping Maple and the Weeping Mexican Pine inside the front yard are enjoying the beautiful Melbourne sun. You will also be drawn towards the smaller plants in the front yard including lomandra seascapes, feather reed grass and creeping juniper.

Our construction team worked hard pouring and digging throughout a very wet winter to create this beautiful crazy paving around the back of the property and under the entertaining area. Such a fantastic space for our clients to enjoy entertaining friends and family this summer.

And to complete this gorgeous project the arch bar climbing trellis has been installed with a beautiful creeper already starting to grow and take shape.

A gorgeous landscape to compliment a beautiful Bayside home.

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