Beautiful Elsternwick

This stunning garden in Elsternwick was built by our team a few years ago and we are extremely privileged to be able to continue to maintain this garden to its original beauty all year round.

In this magical front garden as you make your way through the front gate along the exquisite sawn bluestone pavers from Bamstone, your eyes will be drawn towards the arthropodium cirrhatum plants blooming at the front entrance. Turn around and you will see a gorgeous bushy miscanthus sinensis along the front fence and a sturdy pomegranate tree between the driveway and main entrance.

In the rear garden you will find a slightly more modern twist incorporating a pretty Smokebush (cotinus ‘grace’) planted next to the precast set up steps, then peek around the corner and gaze upon the sparkling lap pool with gorgeous decking creating the most inviting space on a sunny Melbourne day. Along the rear fence of the property you will find some funky green pole cactus’ in front of a manicured Boston Ivy hedge and in the distance to top it all off, an American Maple tree.

No stone has been left unturned in this amazing garden. At the sides of the property you will find star jasmine along the fence creating a creeper, some concrete cylinder steppers at random heights which were cast and poured on site as well as the very on trend, gracillis bamboo to complete one of the most beautiful gardens in Melbourne.

It is such a joy to have not only built but also to maintain this garden for our wonderful clients. To find out more about our landscape construction and garden maintenance services please contact us on 9918 9600 or via email

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