Ivanhoe, 3 Years On

Simon McCurdy Landscapes constructed this beautiful garden in 2017, and we have continued to maintain the space over the last three years.

This backyard was overgrown and untamed when the house was repainted earlier in 2017. The brief supplied by the client was to make the outdoor space in the backyard look and feel more cohesive with the house with its fresh face of paint, and to make the space more visually appealing.

The essential area to achieve this bond between the house and the pool, is the lower seated area next to a stunning mature Olive tree.

We removed some 90m3 of waste and rubbish – barrowed out by hand from the existing garden to make way for the new garden.

In this relaxed transitional area that creates the link between the main residence and the pool, we have used artificial grass from Tuff Turf to soften the surrounding features of blue stone from Granite Works, and the stained hardwood spotted gum bench seats. We have planted some low maintenance foxtail agave at difference sizes in front of some hedging.

This garden included an existing pool, which we re-furbished with a new waterline tile and bluestone pool coping and paving from Granite Works. The drop face pool coping was fully templated and installed over the top of the existing tiles, giving the whole pool area a new, fresh look. Being an older style pool there were lots of curves to the pools edge, so ply board templates were made and sent overseas to custom cut the stone, to perfectly suit the curve of the pool. This area of the garden consisted of informal and relaxed planting to create easier maintenance for the client in future, including Maori chief flax and more bright hedging.

The relaxed dining area is the most open space of the garden and picks up the easterly Melbourne sun. We landscaped around an existing 20-year-old Olive tree surrounded by a permeable river pebble garden that was retained. Here, we carried through the sawn bluestone pavers and installed spotted gum seating, backed by the same hedging continued throughout.

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