Timeless Camberwell

Designed and constructed by Simon McCurdy Landscapes about two years ago, the garden of this beautiful period-style home in Camberwell is infused with colour and delicate plantings to brighten up and modernise the facade of the home.

As you first step foot on the property, your eyes are drawn to the exposed aggregate driveway with its dark tones, contrasting with the bright exterior of the home.

Crepe myrtles are planted amongst the lawn, positioned on either side of the exposed aggregate ramp leading you to the front door. As with many streets in inner Melbourne, this home has a very strong heritage overlay, and in keeping with this tone, the raised path prevailed over a large set of steps.

Into the backyard, an understated and inviting pool sits to your left, letting the open space of the yard do the talking. An elegant clear glass fence surrounding the pool provides a beautiful view without interrupting the flow of the back yard. The pool is nestled amongst sawn bluestone paving that is edged by a Virginia creeper, manicured into a small hedge to hide a concrete sleeper retaining wall. This hedging elegantly brightens the space, softens the hardscape elements and neatly separates the solid concrete sleeper wall from the surrounding paving.

Beside the pool sits a small spotted gum deck, from which you can get a view of the whole landscape. The deck is a space for our clients to enjoy a summer evening wine whilst casting their gaze across the luscious Palmetto buffalo turf (from HC Turf). Along the fence, Ficus splash stretch along the width of the grass, before changing to Bay trees from the pool area’s beginning through to the corner of the property. All in all, this is a spacious entertainer’s garden designed to perfectly complement the unique architecture of this period-style home.

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