South Yarra Multi-Level Residence

Throughout 2020, the Simon McCurdy Landscapes team had the privilege of landscaping a unique multi-level South Yarra residence. Three garden areas were landscaped which include two swimming pools, a new cobblestone entryway, feature plants and bespoke planters. The seamless flow between levels is both beautiful and functional, and the rooftop view make this a garden you want to entertain in all year round.

We overcame several challenges with this project; restricted access and multiple levels meant we needed to come up with a way of transporting heavy materials for the job whilst the midst of the global pandemic. At times, this meant we were working within COVID-19 restrictions and only able to have a team of three on site.

Designed by Jack Merlo, the first level garden is complete with in-ground pool and large grassed area. We replaced the pavers around this pool which make the perfect diving platform. Ficus hillii flash trees were planted in a raised garden bed surrounding the pool which, when established, will create an informal hedge and assist in softening the hardscape.

Two large SML custom made 10mm steel planters were added in key areas: one in the courtyard and one on the first level. Due to the access and weight of these planters, they had to be craned into position. Crane Tech Cranes were engaged to lift the ring planters and the large bulka bags of soil two levels off the ground and in safely.

An array of green plants was used throughout the entire property. A Crepe Myrtle feature tree can be seen when looking into the courtyard from the vast windows of the Visioneer Builders-built home. Mondo Grass & Dichondra were planted in between pavers and will eventually cover the entire bare ground between the natural stone steppers. Star Jasmine was planted and when established, the glossy foliage will create a beautiful pattern that spills over the supporting wall.

The real hero here is the stunning view over South Yarra that can be seen from the rooftop. A large timber decking leads the way over the levels of the rooftop, around the above-ground pool and past raised garden beds that when established, will be teeming with greenery.

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