Lush Prahran

Throughout 2019, the Simon McCurdy Landscapes team revamped the front garden and walkways in this Prahran residence. The brief was to create a garden that would suit by a young family who lived in the residence. The space was transformed from sparse and unusable to a plant haven that, as it grew, began to create a sense of depth and to provide a welcome habitat for our clients, as well as for local insects and birds.

The hero of Prahran is the plant selection that was created by Landscape Designer Kate Catterall. Over 120 plants were used in the making of the front and side walkway, including a selection of ground covers, climbing plants, trees and flowers.

Pushing open the side gate, an alternating line of vibrant Blue Salvias, succulents and Lomandra welcomes you. Opposite, Pear trees provide the perfect element of privacy, all the while staying in theme with the lush surroundings. Boston Ivy makes its way from ground level, climbing around windows and sticking delicately to the red brick of the residence. Creeping Thyme disperse in between organic bluestone steppers, leaving no ground uncovered and giving the sense of walking through a plant wonderland.

The front garden is the real showstopper, with a magnitude of plants working together to create a tranquil space. Japanese Maples & Ginko feature trees stand tall, creating a sense of height. Sedums bloom shades of pink and beige, the perfect way to break up the many shades of green. Asparagus densiflorus, Lomandra, Aloes & Euphorbia create texture amongst an otherwise dense covering of Dichondra.

Here, rectangle stepping stones are the only way across the thick foliage, from one side of the garden to the other. To the right, the newly laid driveway was lined with red brick edging to tie in with the exterior or the period home. To the left, the dark timber-stained fence creates the perfect home for Boston Ivy to thrive.

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