Armadale Plant Wonderland

Throughout 2019, the SML team worked within the confinements of a very tight time frame to construct a plant haven in the suburb of Armadale.

Once upon a time, a derelict, unused building with no garden sat on this corner block. Now, two high-end residences stand, surrounded by lush, plant dense gardens. New nature strips were added to complement the gardens and careful planning and consideration went into creating the feel of a continuous flow from the properties to the street whilst still adhering to council regulations.

Upon entering Armadale, the dense planting encircles you. A sensational design by Jack Merlo, this garden is the perfect balance between functionality and beauty. Masses of green shrubs form together, ground covers disperse, and climbing plants cover the feature arbor and scale the walls of the residence.

Towards the back of the property, a large, bronze statue by Bromley & Co of two children playing is the heart of the grassed area. Strategically placed landscape lighting ensures that this statue can be enjoyed day and night. Behind this, an established line of Ficus Flash Hedges create an immediate privacy screen from the neighbouring footpath, which was a very important factor for the clients.

When entering the home, you are immediately greeted by a bespoke timber arbour, which arches over the path to front door. Thin wire infills allows the Boston Ivy to make its way up and across the arbor, creating a dense cover without compromising on natural light.

A carpet of Mondo Grass ground cover disperses in between limestone steppers, and Jasmine and Buxus line the pathway. Young Stephanotis floribunda intertwines up the trellis, which when established will soften the hardscape of the residence and create a beautiful green wall effect.

The striking white flower of the Hydrangeas catches your eye again and again. As well as breaking up the many shades of dense greenery, these flowers output a sweet smell when they bloom in late Spring.

We finished these residences by creating the surrounding nature strips, which like the gardens are plant dense, packed with shades of green. We look forward to seeing how this garden matures and adapts as we now undertake maintenance on the properties and will do so for years to come.

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