Malvern Project

The brief at Malvern was to create a front garden for a young family who enjoy spending time outside, that complemented not only the façade of the period building, but also the new contemporary extension and above ground pool in the rear.

Designer Ben Scott met these requirements through careful consideration of the family’s lifestyle and taste, and so we were able to create a beautiful garden featuring a vast lawn area and diverse plant palette.

Throughout the property, organic bluestone steppers were used to create the journey from gate to front door, and along the side walkway of the period home to connect front with back.

When in the front yard, it’s hard to look past the feature Gingko Tree, which captures your attention with its striking leaves and elegant stature, standing tall above the low-growing plants beneath.

Under the Gingko, White Salvia, Succulents, Ornamental Grasses and Euphorbia cover the ground like an outdoor carpet. The colours and textures of these plants create quite the effect against the central grassed area. Amongst this planting is the Philippine Lily, a species of Lily that can grow up to 5 feet tall, and blooms with striking tubular ice white flowers.

To the side of the property, a young Virginia Creeper has begun its journey up the fine-wire trellis. In years to come, this plant will cover the window, providing not only a beautiful view from inside to out, but also assisting in providing an element of shade in the Summer months.

You can only imagine what joy it would bring to a child running down the side entry of the home, passing the established hedge and leaping on bluestone steppers over the Native Violet, which will eventually cover the whole ground, until finally you reach the above ground concrete pool, where you would want to be all Summer long.

The biggest challenge the SML team faced during the construction of our Malvern project was working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and finishing the construction in 2020 with a limited number of staff on site to meet social distancing requirements. We are incredibly proud of what the team managed to achieve in this time and look forward to being able to maintain this property for years to come.

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