Simon McCurdy Landscapes Awarded Gold Medal at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

In 2012, Simon McCurdy Landscapes was approached by not-for-profit organisation Lille Fro and Landscape Designer Prue Metcalfe for a very interesting mission: to construct a mud-brick greenhouse and vegetable garden using traditional methods that would have been employed by Tibetan families living on the Himalayan mountainsides. Lille Fro raises funds for the construction of the same style of mud-brick greenhouses to help support low-income and often nomadic villagers and tribes people in Far North India.

This unique hut and garden was constructed as part of Lille Fro’s entry into the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2012, and subsequently was awarded a Gold Medal by the judging panel. Simon McCurdy and the team were honoured to donate their time to help promote this all-important cause, and learned a fair bit about traditional construction methods in the process!

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