Tips to keep your garden in check this Summer

The warmer weather is fast approaching and with a long, hot Summer ahead, your garden may need a bit of extra attention.

Between regular visits from our maintenance team, it’s important to understand and recognize the signs that your garden is need of some assistance.

1. Irrigation Systems: Now is the time to check your irrigation systems are in place, free of leaks and the timer is set. If your system fails, your plants will surely let you know. Look out for signs of wilted leaves and browning edges. If your irrigation does break, setting up a sprinkler system, or a system nozzle on your hosepipe is a good alternative whilst your system is being fixed.

2. Soaking and Plant Stress: In conjunction, giving your plants a good soak in the early morning allows water to find its way into the roots of the plant where the moisture is held for longer. Although your soil surfaces may look wet, it is best to dig a little (we recommend aiming for a 15cm dig) to check the soil moisture further down. Water in the morning before the heat of the day kicks in and to reduce the chance of mildew and other fungi which appear more commonly at dusk.

3. Heat Stress in Lawns: This is caused by the heat and humidity when there is a lack of water in the lawn. Signs this is happening include loss of colour in the leaf, browning, pests and diseases appearing, weed & insect infestations, bare patches and in severe cases, the lawn may die. You can help to prevent this by deep watering or soaking your lawn well before hot spells and adding wetting agents, which assist in retaining water.

4. Pests and Diseases: Along with the warmer weather comes unwanted bugs and weeds. Chewing and sucking insects love new growth on plants – in particularly roses – and will attack and multiply quickly. Be aware of unwanted weeds that will grow quicker in lawns due to the open sun and added water. When weather permits, the SML Maintenance team can treat both with a light spray.

4. Shade: Shade is important, particularly to brand new seedlings. The seeds planted in Spring are still fragile and may need extra protection against the full sun. Consider using a shade cloth and aim for 50% shade.

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